How To Ask For a Study

How To Ask For a Transgenerational Study

The first thing you need to know before asking for a study, is that Dr. Bonomi does not make transgenerational analysis related to health problems.

We will be very pleases to help you if what you are seeking for is to know why you are suffering situations as:


  • I can´t find a job
  • I can´t finish my studies
  • No matter how much I work, I can´t earn enough money
  • I don´t like my work
  • I do exactly what I shouldn´t to reach success, I know what I am doing, but it´s stronger than me
  • I feel like if something is holding me
  • etc.


  • I can´t get pregned
  • I can´t find a couple for me
  • I have a couple but I don´t get along with it
  • Mi life is made of relationships failures
  • Mi couple doesn´t want to have sex with me (or they are every month less frequent)
  • I can´t enjoy sex
  • I can´t stand my brother (or my sister)
  • I can´t stand my parents
  • Every time I start a new relationship, I get sick, I have an accident or something makes me stay at home


  • I don´t have children
  • I only have abortions
  • My child is driving me mad! (he is hiper active)
  • My child has learning problems (specially with spellin and maths)
  • My child suffers from depression, inactivity and lack of social relations


  • I feel as if I where not living my own life
  • I feel that I have two different personalities, one loughs and the other one is sad
  • Since I was a child, I have always feeled sad and I don´t know why
  • Suddenly I feel like crying although I´m a very happy person
  • I´m afraid of living
  • I´m very tired and don´t know why
  • I fell like I´m not living my own life
  • I know that I have to do some thing but I can´t do it
  • I do things that I don´t want to do
  • I have noticed that every time I´m about to feel pleasure; I don´t allow it to myself
  • There´s something wrong in me
  • Since I was born, I feel more dead than alive
  • Living is too hard, I rather don´t
  • I don´t know what´s happening, because I feel that my life always returns to the same poing
  • Each time that someone invites me to have fun, I find an excuse to do not do it


Depending on the place where you live, you can choose to have your study in person (if you live near Buenos Aires) or to do it through Skype (The result is the same). Write to me and tell me why you would like to have your own transgenerational study

Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


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